Nov 13, 2009

Some stuff

Ok sooo i think ive been spending quite a lot of $ this week :/
Movies, meals and a friend's birthday present. Oh, and a heart pendant necklace! It's so adorableee i couldnt help it XD
Talking about movies I guess I have watched 4 movies since last sunday, but 2 were from free online movie websites heehee. The best was My Sister's Keeper! Ok i was quite late to watch it, and I'm glad it was still showing. Me and my friends came just in time and got the first row seats. My neck urrrhh but it was worth it! It was goood, touching and sad. Thank the first row seat so i had to look up like 90 degrees while watching and so my tears were not falling like a water fall! I heard many sobs though :P

Oh umm this is random but i feel that people around me are not that appreciative of things. They complain A LOT and very critical.
Lets say food. Ok if i personally think that the food is pretty bad i'd just say that i dont really like it or it's not my type of food. But sometimes people really go into the details like saying the cook is super bad, blabla. It's good enough that we have food to eat!
About clothing/fashion. For the past few months ive been following fashion blogs and sites and also actively viewing fashion stores websites, so now my perspective is quite broad towards fashion. I understand when someone says badly of a "bad" piece, even it does look not that good for my first sight. But after i take my time to look at it, its not THAT bad, and even it's pretty cool and unique if its accessorized. And there are times when we see people on the street wearing bizarre clothing and im totally fine with it. i mean different people have different styles, we should respect them. If they wanna wear purple pants with yellow shirt and red shoes, just go for it! WHY NOT? I can see in a bigger picture. People who dont understand fashion SHOULD NOT speak.
Same thing goes to music. Music is a part of my life. I listen to all kinds of music and appreciate every piece. So again, people who dont understand music, should not speak.
There are many other things, the point is the same.
So will you people start to appreciate things in life?
It's not easy to create useful things.

Look at those unfortunate people who don't even have a roof as a shelter and ourselves.
Aren't we soooo lucky?

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