Nov 27, 2009

Rachel says

"Because the minute you start pretending to be cool with something you're not is when the clock starts ticking. Which clock, you ask? The one that's going to wind down and break your heart when you realize that the person doesn't want what you want."

"When you let someone be nice to you on their terms and schedule, you teach them that it's okay to do it. You give them permission to hurt you. Kind of like if you have a dog that jumps on you all the time. Give the dog a biscuit, and you'll keep getting jumped on."

"As soon as you try to be someone you're not, you lose a lot of the spark and overall amazingness that is you. Is it worth it to betray yourself, and your values, in order to fit some narrow, ridiculous definition of what's sexy? ....My advice: the sexiest thing in the world is being yourself."

"I'm thinking you have better things to do than put yourself in situations that make you feel like a third wheel. It's salt in the wound. Lemon juice in the paper cut. ....You so deserve more."

....."seeing (or hearing about) people who judge your book by its cover is a great heads-up that these people aren't worth your time anyway."

....."you will find the truest, best friends of your life hanging out on the edges of the it crowd, not in the middle."

-Rachel Simmons, relationship counsellor of

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