Nov 25, 2009

My wheel kisses a hole of the ground

Bad bad start to begin a day :

Looking at the exam results that turned out wrong as expected.

That's what exactly happened this morning.
Ok i kinda had predicted that i would get a B in one subject, which i thought it would be Marketing.
BUT instead, i got a B in another sub which is Bz Info. System.
pfffftttt DANG! I did pretty well on that! WHY?!
So pissed off and that i went to class with gloomy mood.

I'm thinking that I should feel popular amongst my friends.
I just told one friend about the results, as she was the first one telling the results were out.
When i got there people were talking about it and a friend was like,
'hey you got a A-A-B result?'
I nodded and he was like 'BOOOO' with those thumbs down.


Super childish.
And now i know how one mouth can spread the news with the speed of light.

It really MADE my day.

Moreover I still havent got over the not-so-successful organ exam yesterday.
Im in such a effin good mood.

Eff the lecturer! His stupid paper was freaking easy and i knew i aced it so why couldve he give me the goddamn A?!

Ok I sound like a crazy bitch being mad over not-getting-a-distinction.
Well, I kinda am.
I should be more thankful that I still have good results, shouldnt I?
So i guess just let me be for now.

To make the matter worse, i asked my owner today about the house contract and she said she wouldnt extend it next year, meaning I have to move AGAIN.

This is exactly the part where the wheel of life is at the most bottom of the ground.


Yee said...

congrats~~ AAB. sooooo COOL! xD and why the hell did your friend say like that('BOOO' stuff ._.)?! ._. so mean la. anyways, dun care la. u got a good results man~~ jealous~~ HAHA.

and... woah.. such a tiring schedule u have? o_O like moving around again. so poor. anyways, hope everything will go well along soon. :)

*pats your back* its ok. at least u did well in ur organ exam, right?

.:JoaNNa:. said...

thanks =] and yeah i know, it's tiring but im just trying to get the best out if it. and organ exam was pretty bad :/ its ok i got over it.