Jan 29, 2009

another boring day~~

I got out from my apartment to have my organ lesson. As I was about to reach the door of the mrt station, I saw the lights of the bakery were on, through the glass I could see the breads and cookies, and the brand new shopkeepers who were wearing their aprons. The savor of the breads reached my nose as I was walking to the escalator. The new bakery "Cake History" has opened starting from today. Congrats! However the name just doesn't sound right to my ears because they sell more breads than cakes.lol. And umm..it's kind of copying "Bread History". You see, they just changed it to 'cake'. Maybe they ran out of names. They should've asked me for some newly fresh ideas, XD.

The class was over and I just went straightaway back home since no one asked me to meet up and on the way back home I saw a MDIS student was at the bakery and apparently she also lives at the same apartment as mine. "It's been a while since I held that orange book for the last exams", I thought.

Reached home and waited for j.k to give back a call. hope he will enjoy the trip to yogya =) but im gonna be more more bored for these 4 days -.- like he did, some agents called as well. 1 of them i called earlier in the morning. they gave me options finally, but im still waiting for the appointments. hope one of the places will be good. at least one..lol.

I was planning to buy some tickets for a show on march but after I re-thought about it, I just canceled it. Im saving money for the other important things..like, another concert shows? lol. for those concerts that i can't refuse to come.

I got my timetable for the new term and I think it's great =)
I just need to tell the organ teacher that I can't come in the morning.
I can't wait for the new term to start.
and also for the nike expo sale! really looking forward to go for it, haaa~~

well, this is the end of another boring day of mine.
these kind of posts will continue until my new term starts =pp

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