Jan 24, 2009

boredom's in the house!

boredom season came again..
this is just like last chinese new year.. i was alone in the apartment and chatting with my old friend from middle school..when the dark sky started to be decorated by the lights of fireworks, both of us just said "oh, it's new year, gong xi fa cai" lol.
i am not alone now though, but still have nothing to do. i was chatting with yee for so many hours yesterday, haha..seems like my laptop is the most flexible companion.lol.
yesterday i watched the first episode of the drama "bloody monday". it reminds me about the spanish movie "record" that i watched in sunway last week with my high school friends =) but they are so bloody! lol. the same part is when the people got infected by some kind of virus so they are trapped inside by those astronaut-looking people.lol. actually i don't really like those kind of films, but i decided to keep watching the drama one cuz they guy is so cute and kakkoiiii~~~~! lol.
this blog is getting boring since i kept talking about my very extremely ordinary life.

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