Jan 26, 2009

happy lunar new year!

it's the ox year!

just now i had a dinner with my housemate at home..we were trying to cook something special for new year's eve and it was unexpectedly good! i came up with that idea and im so proud of myself.lol. but i ate really a lot..i thought that i was not gonna eat that much but well..it's chinese new year ^^
then 'rush hour 2' was on tv so we watched it over dinner, and grabbed some carlsberg and i turned all red -.-" always happens..
there were oranges and cookies as well..yumm..lol. at least this year im not that pathetic unlike last year..kaka..

just finished watching 'bride wars' online..good one,,kinda touching at the end..makes me wonder how my wedding is gonna be in the future.lol.

it's midnight!
just saw some fireworks through the living room window.lol! i shouldve gone there.. i was planning to but my friends couldn't make it, and just now my housemate told me that she actually wanted to go as well.ahh too late..

anyway, happy chinese new year everyone. cheers!
i want more drinks! XDD

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