Jan 3, 2009

too many things to say..

Yesterday, I studied with some classmates. while studying i recalled the times when I was studying with friends from high school. studying olevels with paey yee, sarah and lan in starbucks, with sun hwa in coffee bean, and with J in mcd..haha..why all was crowded places??
but at that time i was in high spirit of studying, unlike yesterday. all I wanted was dreaming on my bed..kakaka..

Today I had a spanish lesson again like I always do on Saturdays.
Apparently, those girls are really studying in my class. I thought they just came last week for some make-up class or something. I admit the fact that the Jolin girl knows spanish, as she knows quite a lot of vocabs without taking Beginner 1 and jumped straightaway to Beginner 2. She also speaks fast both english and spanish. BUT, she's just being an annoying person to me.
Last week it was so obvious that she was talking about me to her friend and it pissed me off badly. But luckily today was better. I don't know because another teacher replaced Natalia who's still on holiday or what. But I do like the substitute teacher teaching today. Her method was similar to Gonzalo, they let us talk more and ensured that we really understood. Natalia is quite fast in teaching and she just talks by herself. I miss Profesor Gonzalo =(
However, I still don't like the Jolin girl cuz she thinks that she's the best in class. I'm quite sure that she learned spanish before or had a spanish background or something but she doesn't have to show it off. It is normal for people doing mistakes like giving an asnwer which is unrelated to the question. hello? it's a process of learning. But she laughs at it like what she did to Amy today.
she's just such a bitch like Jolin Tsai. No wonder they have the same name. lol.

Anyway Im feeling confused of a friend. What she said was about the same like what I said before about friends. But it is so funny because she's the one who 'indirectly' forgets about her friends, so why did she say things as if she was forgotten? Don't swap things around, judge yourself first before you judge others.

I really have to study, but after this drama! Heehee.. =pp

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