Jan 9, 2009

hectic -.-"

this shifting apartment is driving me crazy. it is supposed to be a calm and peaceful study week but apparently this stuff just gives me a major headache. I couldn't really concentrate studying and guess what. It is almost over. The subjects are not so difficult though, but I'm just not that ready. Hope I can spend the rest of the time well before the exam days.
There are so many things in my head that I don't know which one I have to write first. Hope after this diploma course I will find a suitable person to be my roommate so I can enjoy the sharing price of the room ^^~ But if I can't find any then it's alright. I will work as hard as I can to repay my parents' money for my studies in the future. That's why I take courses now. More skills, more job opportunities =) " It will be 'replaced' ", my mom said, regarding the money that my dad has spent for me. yeah, i hope so.. oh. no..sure it will be 'replaced' "=) I have this whole plan thing in my mind and I really want to work after graduate. (duhh..we have to.)
tomorrow my roommate will be back. sure my room, which is our room, will be messy again. well, i mean her part of our room. but i'm moving next month so I can stand for few more weeks =)
I always imagine the apartment rooms in Japan, especially in Tokyo. I always see in dramas that the rooms look comfy. It depends on the people who live there, though, but I imagine myself lived in that kind of room, it won't be a problem if it's small, but it just looks nice to my eyes ^^.
Anyway, Im still hoping that Singapore Dollars will drop, because it would be good for international students, hahaha.. XD
oh! suddenly i recalled about the electone books that I bought from my teacher. She's not understanding at all,,unlike Mr.Pok..miss him! well, i mean i miss his teaching and his playing on the electone. He's more skilled than this current teacher, and for sure he knows more what it's like to be an international student. sorry to say this but most of singaporeans are so money-minded..hmm..okay singaporean workers..haha..because they do know how to get their wallets thick! lol. but that is why they are developed right? ugh.. hope to get a job in singapore and REVENGE! lol. okay, these capital letters are kinda threatening.lol.


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