Jan 22, 2009

back to singapore..

im back! =)
i had a great time in KL, exclude the few minutes being disappointed of a so-called friend
it is okay that she lied, it won't change anything anyway.
talking about her, reminds me of the song "stupid girls" by Pink. and the true thing is they really exist.
ok i should stop talking about it otherwise this post would be all about her.lol.
it felt so good when i went shopping there,they were having sales and it was such a heaven! lol.
in singapore i hardly go shopping cuz everything is expensive, though they have sales or something most of them are still expensive for me..aghh.

just watched another orchestra concert of beethoven.
good as expected =) but there were just less people compared to the first one.

until this moment, i haven't found any room rented to be occupied for me to move.
im gonna call up all the agents tomorrow and make sure that they have the suitable one for me! some agents they just offer,explain,arrange appointment and at the end say,"oh, sorry it's taken"
oh please for god's sake, be constant!

pray for me so i'll get a good room faster! XD

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