Jan 1, 2009

temporary friends

what can I say?
you've changed.
a lot.
u may not realize it.
because u think it is the real you.
but for me, it is not you at all.
you were innocent and pure.
but i don't know what is the god damn thing that has influenced you.
is it him?
forget it.
he's like everything for you in the world now.

maybe i care too much about you.
and you dont even realize that.
so from now on, i think i should NOT anymore.
you dont need me anyway.
it's alright because this is not the first time.
it happens to me everytime and I get used to it.
from a bunch of friends in my entire life i think the ones that Im sure they are true friends are only 2.
it's okay with me rather than having loads of friends but none of them are really true.
it is hard indeed to find true friends who can really understand you and are matched with your personality.
everytime i make new friends, i always hope that she or he would be in my list of true friends.
but it aint that easy.
every close friend that I know I'll treat them like a true friend, but it is rare that I get the same thing back. I have learned some lessons from the past and it hurt me for some time. so now Im not expecting so much from friends anymore.

today I just discovered another one. I was quite surprised, but I wasn't shocked, I was ready for it to happen. her personality is like 'hers' but I hope she won't be as bad as 'her'.

temporary friends are all around me. they don't know what's the real meaning of friendship and I bet they never cry for friends so if I do Im pretty sure they will say Im way too dramatic but who cares? I can do it in bathroom XD

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Seems like you care too much for those who doesn't appreciate your true feelings.
You are right about the part where you said true feelings are hardly returned.
You know what? They don't deserve it anyway.
And trust me the kind of girls who get influenced by their boyfriends and ditches their friends are not even worth mentioning.
Even without their boyfriends, they would have left you anyway with even more pathetic reasons.
But don't worry Hun. There are people who will appreciate your true feelings.
I wish I had a friend like you! ^^