Jan 28, 2009

Duff's good stuff ^^

It was taken about a year ago in KLCC, when Elizabeth Arden was having a launch on Hilary Duff's first perfume, With Love. aaaahhhhh =))

Another perfume of Hilary's : Wrapped With Love! Just bought it like a week ago? at the same place but i missed the launch =(

These grenade-shaped bottles shine like diamonds, lol.
With love (left) smells elegant and lady-like,
whereas Wrapped with love (right) smells so sweet, girlie and cheerful. Somehow I just think of summer breeze when I smell this, u know like when you lie down on the grassy greens under the cherry blossom tree, looking at the white clouds and blue sky while the petals of the cherry blossom are falling down over you and you can hear the sounds of the crickets.
Ok the description is too long and getting irrelevant, lol.
Love them! <33

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