Jan 26, 2009

i wish i could have all of these ($.$)

love this look from head to toe! especially the pants =)

this long-sleeves shirt is super cute with a big heart print on it


dresses are not meant to be for girlie-looking only, they look stunning for casual wear as well ;)

love the pants and the coat a lot. the color mixture of the coat is just awesome.

this boyish style is cool indeed, girls can wear anything =)

love the chloe blouse that ashley (right) wears

i wanna steal this skirt! XD

i wanttttt~~

cute shirt!

this is just so cute..too bad im not brave enough to wear it like this only -.-

give me this cute black mini dress~!

this one is very girlie and suit-for-dating look ^^

what a feminine outfit. love the layered top =)

p.s mommy, daddy, if i get good results these are my requests, LOL.

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