Jan 16, 2009

KL, here i come =)

exams are over and im going to KL tomorrow!
sakti called me today, when i was having my electone class my cell kept vibrating, i thought it was the renter who wanted to confirm me about the room but it was him =)
he was so lively on the phone, many things to be told i suppose ^^
bought presents for lan today, and for myself, haha..i saw this shirt really attracted to my eyes and it was 50% discounted so i couldn't stand it anymore,lol. long time i didn't shop for myself anyway. just consider this as a chinese new year's new shirt, i used to get one when i was a kid =)

remembering the exams i did few days ago, makes me not that happy. OB was okay, but im quite worried about BAF. i'll pass for sure but i don't think i can obtain an A =( it's just too complicated to explain why im not confident to get an A, thinking about it makes me feel regretful.
after the exam i went straightaway to esplanade to watch an orchestra.
it was awesome, and the prime minister was there as well, haha..i could see him from circle 3, far down there. the violinist solo was very skillful. i remember the second piece that she played sounded kinda 'painful' at the beginning, but energetic towards the end =)
beethoven rocks~ ^^
it was the first time i watched a real orchestra, i was really excited! a week ago i just finished watching drama 'nodame cantabile',a funny drama about music. it was about orchestra also, that's why i was so happy to see the real one with my own eyes.. i will attend another one soon on 22nd of this month.. =) hope to see more and more concerts but my money will be finishing so fast, haha..

ok i gotta go to bed now, otherwise tomorrow i'll be late for my bus.
hope i can get online and post some more stories when im in malaysia ^^
holidays! =) *this is such a contrast with people who mostly just started their new term, heehee*

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